Mulch is used for various purposes:

  • to adjust temperature by helping soil retain more heat in spring and fall, and by keeping soil cool and even out temperature swings during hot and variable summer conditions
  • to control weeds by blocking the sunlight
  • to retain water by slowing evaporation
  • to add organic matter and nutrients to the soil through the gradual breakdown of the mulch material
  • to repel insects
  • to incrementally improve growing conditions by reflecting sunlight upwards to the plants, and by providing a clean, dry surface for ground-lying fruit such as squash and melons.
  • for erosion control – protects soil from rain and preserves moisture
  • for sediment control – slows runoff velocity
Cypress Mulch$32.00cu/yd
Cypress Playground Crush$32.00cu/yd
Designer Black Mulch$32.00cu/yd
Designer Chocolate Mulch$32.00cu/yd
Designer Red Mulch$32.00cu/yd
Shredded Pine Bark Mulch$26.00cu/yd
Long Needle Pine Straw$5.00per bale
Triple Shredded Hardwood$26.00cu/yd
Wheat Straw$5.00per bale
Large Pine Bark Mulch$26.00cu/yd

How Much?

How to measure the amount of mulch and soil you need.
1 cu/yd of mulch will cover 100 sq ft. at a depth of 3″
Formula (length x width)/100
Example 30 x 40=1200 sq ft divided by 100=12 cu yd.(3″depth)

Delivery Rates are based on 5 yd minimum and 1 dump location !!!

5 miles $25.00
10 miles $35.00
15 miles $45.00

Deliveries over 15 miles will be based on road miles and will vary based on amount of product and location.